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VALR Martial Arts

We are NOT a franchise & we provide quality instruction in group/private sessions. Through our programs we teach real skills to children & adults to be able to defend themselves, but mostly to live a long, healthy and balanced life. Ask about a Private Lessons trial class.

More About VALR

Learn REAL Self Defense. Classes include:

  • Fitness
  • Cardio
  • Conditioning
  • Strength Training
  • Striking
  • Blocking
  • Throws
  • Balance
  • Grappling Defense
  • Weapon Defense
  • Submission

Call about our CAMP and KICKBOXING events, 858-444-7439 or stop by our two locations Poway and Scripps Ranch - Rancho Bernardo - Poway .

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Self Defense

  • At VALR Martial Arts Center we teach Traditional Martial Arts / Karate training, but we also teach Muay Thai Kickboxing! You may have heard of such self defense styles such as Krav Maga San Diego, but I promise you the skills/awareness you learn at VALR Martial Arts is the REAL thing! Many people may have thoughts of carrying weapons (for example: knives, firearms, or pepper spray), but nothing replaces having REAL Self Defense skills and being AWARE! Learn More


  • Martial arts training benefits children, teens and adults by improving focus, concentration, body awareness, self discipline, self control, self esteem, confidence, perseverance and sense of responsibility. Benefits also include physically defend themselves as needed, helps develop goal setting habits and a positive outlet for high energy. Over all, learning martial arts improves a persons chareacter and sense of humility. Most importantly, its fun! List Continues

Tang Soo Do

  • Tang Soo Do Karate has its own unique character which differentiates it from any other form of martial arts or martial sports. Tang Soo Do not only teaches physical techniques but also trains us to practice "DO" way of life through practice of the five virtues; "IN" -humanity, "UI"-righteousness, "YIE"-etiquette, "JI"-wisdom and "SHIN"-trust. When we reach the ultimate level of "DO", we can live in perfect harmony with the laws of nature. See Differences